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Bei LGBoA bin ich im Forum über folgendes Statement gestolpert:

LGB Forum

Hi Guys,
As promised, I did promise to keep everyone updated as and when I
have reliable information. I had a 10 minute conversation with Gerd
Uhlmann yesterday. He is situated at Maerklin in Germany, and
together with Herr Kopp is responsible with the LGB team to get LGB
back into the stream of producing the trains we all love. In talking
to Mr. Uhlmann at Maerklin, I found him to be very helpfull, and only
wishing to help rebuild the brand of LGB, and doing it with the least
amount of disruption. He has stated that by the 24 /25th of September
they hope to once again be in the position of supplying Importers /
retailers worldwide, and that the negotiation with existing suppliers
around the world (States excluded until the negotiations between
LGBoA and Maerklin are concluded) will take place within a matter of
days. He did say that negotiations are continuing on a daily basis,
and I really hope that LGBoA and Maerklin can come to a satisfactory
conclussion, that gets LGB back into a strong position in the USA
once again. A Letter to all International Dealers will be sent out
tomorrow giving details of the terms and stock that they (LGB) have.
(12/09/2007) He asured me that Maerklin's main concern was to use
existing channels of distribution wherever posible, as these people
had the knowledge and experience with the LGB product. South Africa
for instance has a very new and fledging LGB Garden rail group, and
all are dedicated to G Scale LGB... This situation will be reviewed
again end 2007, and could eventually end up with existing Maerklin
dealers doing the distribution of all the current brands under the
Maerklin banner. I presume this will be reviewed on a country by
country basis. The old Trix factory in Nuerenburg will be used for
some time to continue distribution. It looks like manufacture will
continue in Hungary. Some track production has already resumed.

The other news is that Wolfgang has been approached to take up a
position of "ambassador" to the LGB brand working for Maerklin. On
one side I hope that he takes the offer, that he can maybe be a part
of the rebuilding of the brand of LGB. Infact he has sometimes been
refered to as Mr. LGB... and so his input, love of the product and
potential contribution over the next few years could really add value
to HIS Brand that has sufferd so much in the past year. As yet, no
decission has been made on this offer from what I understand.

Lastly, Jurgen Ottinger said to me this evening that his new job is
stressfull, as he is now responsible for all production Schedules
etc. He asked me to convey to everyone that the support that the LGB
friends have given throughout this time of trouble is very much

I will continue to speak to various friends that I have made in the
past year, especially Anne, Aumer who is Assistant Marketing manager
to LGB/ Maerklin, Jurgen Ottinger who really has a heart for LGB and
the long history of our favourite trains, Daniel Massoth from Massoth
Elektronik. Each of these folks have very kindly passed on what
information they are able to at any given period of time.

Kind Regards
And a Friendly Toot of the LGB Whistle
Mike Leppan

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